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      Building Safety Product Integrator

      Automatic coating center


          The coating assembly line adopts European automatic coating equipment with a total length of 1040 meters, which achieves the best effect by having multiple pretreatment systems.

          1) coating process: can achieve electrostatic spraying and baking paint spraying;

          2) environmental protection features: equipped with clean and large cyclone secondary recovery devices, can automatically recover powder powder, automatic cleaning spray gun;

          3) water washing characteristics: through multiple pre-treatment system, the final cleaning can reach the level of potable water, which can be quickly and continuously defat, phosphating or passivation treatment;

          4) wear-resisting surface: 16 automatic spraying gun at the same time, making the powder adhesion of the surface stronger and stronger, and more uniform thickness;

          5) quantification production: the maximum size of the upper part is 2.5 meters *2.5 meters, and 1, 000 pieces of medium and medium sized plates in one direction, and the maximum coating can be painted over 6000 square meters per day.

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